Mechanical Water Heating Thermostat
Product attributes
Power Supply AC200-240V /110V /24V
Sensor NTC(10k)1%
Color Black,White
Backlight Blue, White
Set Point Range 5~35°C
Accuracy 0.5°C
Certificate RoHS,CE

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Power SupplyAC100-240VAC 50/60HZ
Probe sensorNTC
Power Consumption<0.3W
Load current3A(water heating),12A/16A(electric heating)
Temperature Adjustable Range5 ºC - 35 °C 
Limit Temperature Range5-99°C
OutputSwitch relay
Insulating conditionNormal environment
Running programSet per 1 week as a cycle
InstallationWall mounted


Water Floor Heating System
Electric Floor Heating System
Infrared Heater System

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Mechanical Water Heating Thermostat

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